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Nile Carpet Care & Janitorial Services

Nile Janitorial is friendly environmental we care of our customers, the community we live and work for in and to our own employees and their families, safety first for our crews and as well customers.

We strongly support and utilize “Green” cleaning whenever and wherever possible. We stand by and use environmentally friendly and approved cleaning agents we believe in minimizing the potential negative environmental impacts cleaning agents have on the environment. Clean for a healthy indoor environment

Minimize human exposure to contaminants and cleaning products, minimize chemical, particle and moisture residue when cleaning, Follow safety procedures when diluting solutions and using cleaning products, prevent cross-contamination

By using proper cleaning materials, dispose cleaning products in environmentally safe ways, Dispose cleaning products in environmentally safe ways, Establish and document routine maintenance

Our Client Reviews

This company is a Class Act! Not only are the cleaning crews are professional and do a great job, but the office and management teams are as well. Very receptive to needs and changes. Their prices are very competitive and fair. If you haven’t tried Clean and Simple Cleaning, treat yourself and give them a call

I just wanted to follow up on my cleaning yesterday – it was perfect and it was beautiful! – I was super happy when I got home : ) Thank you to Nile – they did an EXCELLENT job!! A…it’s why I love you guys

– your commitment to high standards and customer service! So thanks again – really appreciate it

I happened to be home this week when Britteny was cleaning – I mostly stayed out of her way, working in the garden, but she was a VERY pleasant and personable person

– it was nice to meet her in person and know that such a sweetie pie was taking care of my house when I’m usually at work.

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